Our mission is to have a pleasant, positive environment in which students who both use and receive academic resources are empowered to develop mentally and individually. Our motive is that students can learn at their own pace through an E-Learning platform and explore new material that comes up through simple searches. 
Our purpose is to be among the most praised brands in the education industry and to help students achieve acceptance of their dream schools and colleges by offering a long-term mentoring program which is an all-inclusive tutorial and guidance in all academic fields to better train the applicant for their Dream School. 

About Plato

Plato Tutoring initially began as a part-time hobby of Jay Shah, a college student, who, in his spare time, made a decent living by providing freelance math tutoring services to his friends and peers on campus. Noticing the exceptional difference in their class scores and brilliant overall results through his help, Jay was offered employment at a well renowned tutoring agency in New York, where he gathered more knowledge and expertise on how to best meet the academic demands of a student.

With experience of more than 4 years, in two different countries, and an increase in demand for his services, Jay officially started Plato Tutoring Services in June of 2019, an Online and In-Person Tutoring agency that focuses on a Student-Centered Approach that diagnoses and analyses the strengths and weaknesses of each individual student to create the best plan specifically tailored for the student; the plan is both academic where Jay helps his students enhance their math skills, and also mental where he teaches them techniques to considerably lower Exam and Home-Work related stress. With the Student Centered approach, Jay has successfully helped over 1000+ students achieve their academic goals.

A specialist in mathematics, Plato Tutoring is well known in the New York/New Jersey region for providing the best math tutoring services to students from Middle School, High School to all the way up to College & above with students appearing for New York Regent Tests, SATs, ACTs, ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery), DAT (Dental Admission Test) and All-Level Math courses. In order to provide a flawless tutoring service, Plato gives utmost importance to Parent-Teacher communications, where after each study session, Jay informs the parent of their child’s academic progress and keeps them up to date with all their at-home requirements.

One of Plato Tutoring’s main goals is to help students achieve admissions in their dream schools and colleges by providing a long-term mentorship service which is an all-inclusive Mathematics consultation and support on all academic areas to best prepare the candidate for their Dream College.

Plato Tutoring’s Vision? A Tutoring Agency that provides a “State of the Art yet Affordable to All” Tutoring Service for each and every Student around the World.

Message From Founder

Jay Shah
Founder & CEO

Hello there! My name is Jay and I help students Empower Their Brains.

For 4 years now my passion for Mathematics and Science has led me on this lifelong journey of helping students achieve their academic goals in order to live more prosperous and fulfilling professional lives in the future ahead of them.

My journey initially started back in High School, where my teacher, upon seeing my performance, asked me if I could help a few of my peers with certain areas in Math, and from then onwards, a number of my friends & peers used to ask me for help. Back in high school I did not treat my help as “Business”, I just helped because I like helping people in general. I didn’t charge them monetarily, but what I learned back then was way more valuable to me than anything, I learned exactly why students underperform even when they have prepared for the event beforehand.

My love for science helped me get admission in my dream college for a bachelor’s degree in Engineering. And yes, you guessed it, I brought my hobby, of math-tutoring, along with me to college, only this time, I saw the potential I had of creating true value in student’s lives and I turned that potential into a freelance part-time tutoring service. I am proud to say that my services were well received by my students and their parents, simply because I understood the weakness of the student and that understanding helped me provide the student with exactly what they were in search for. I realized throughout my tutoring years that each student is an Individual, and they might speak the same language and go to the same school, but it does not mean that their strengths and weaknesses are the same as well.

Fast forward to June 2019; with an increasing demand for my services and with 4 years of experience under my belt in two different countries, the US and India, I decided that it was time to finally turn my passion of tutoring math into a full fledged Business so that I can be able to help a larger number of students and thus came about Plato Tutoring Services armed with its unique “Student-Centered” Approach that has helped over 250 students achieve their goals with ease.

I sincerely look forward to helping each student in their academic endeavour!

Best Wishes,
Jay V. Shah